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Laurel Highlands Publishing publishes both fiction and non-fiction.
Authors whom we publish pay no fees. We offer competitive royalty rates.


General Submissions

For Anthology Submissions


Submissions are closed until 8 February 2018.   

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit your work as follows:

  • Cover letter. Must include genre or subject, word length, brief description, your name (real and pen, if you have one), contact information, and a brief author bio.
  • For fiction: First 50 pages in manuscript format. If the page ends in a broken sentence, add the next page.
  • For non-fiction: An outline and sample chapter.
  • Email the cover letter in the body of the email and the writing sample as an attachment (doc, odt, or pdf) to


Manuscript format:

  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point
  • Double spaced
  • No widow/orphan control
  • First line indent .5 inch
  • Title/author name in left header
  • Page number in right header
  • Title page with contact info in top right corner
  • Genre and word count in top left
  • Title center with byline under
  • Over 30,000 words: work starts page 2
  • Under 30,000 words: work starts two double space returns under byline

More details on how to format your manuscript.


Laurel Highlands Publishing works directly with authors. No agents please.

We will try to determine as quickly as possible whether or not your work fits Laurel Highlands Publishing. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for a response.