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Previous Anthologies




Breathe while you canTablet

Released:  Oct 27th

Recoil by Shawn Jones
Artillery & Apparitions by DJ Tyrer
The Night Clock by Kevin Wetmore
Feeding the Machine by Matt Kolbet
372 by Keith Keffer
All That Lies by IE Castellano
When Voices Call by Thomas Beck
Whitehall Down by DJ Tyrer
Curtains by Fred Adams, Jr.

Seemingly normal people leading seemingly normal lives until that moment that causes disturbance.

Across the Kármán Line

Science Fiction.  Short stories take place anywhere except on Earth.

Released: May 2015

Stories and Authors (Alphabetical by story title):

Astrotrash by Fred Adams, Jr.
The Demon on the Mountain by Larry Ivkovich
Evaline Transcendent by Timothy Bateson
Roam by Joseph Castellano
Sector Three-Three by IE Castellano

In space, fate rests in the hands who created the craft.  Wits and creative risk separate life from death while navigating the three-dimensional sea or marooned on an alien planet.  The trust between captain and crew unifies a mission.  And sometimes, the final take-off is the hardest.



moonshadow - Copy



Moon Shadows


Horror.  Short stories have a Halloween theme.

Released:  October 2014


Included stories (alphabetical by author):

Masks by Fred C. Adams
Under a Hunter’s Moon by Timothy Bateson
Afraid by Thomas Beck
The Reckoning: Hidden Remains by Spencer Carvalho
The Hunt by IE Castellano
The Hearth by Kevin Hayman
Bumps in the Night by Jovan Jones
The Lightkeepers by Renny Kalp
When the Wine Begins to Sour by Matt Kolbet
Stranger Nights by Jacob Lambert
Masquerade by Patrick MacAdoo
Remembering Natalia by James Park
Mr. Cool’s Final Halloween by Jay Seate
A Night Behind Bars by DJ Tyrer
Stingy Jack and the Boys by Kevin Wetmore
Home for Halloween by Kelli A. Wilkins
Halloween Bully by Edward M Wolfe

Seventeen stories touch the unknown, the unseen, and the undead.  Visit what we avoid.  Step into the shadows of the moon.